Friday, November 14, 2008

What happens in Vegas...

...stays in Vegas!
I can hardly sit still at work this morning; I am just so excited knowing that in a few short hours I will be in VEGAS! JP turned 21 this past Sunday, so we are celebrating his birthday in Vegas! My parents took me when I turned 21 and we went last year with the Averitt's and David for my dad's birthday on 07/07/07! We wish the Averitt's and Nelson's could go with us...but we'll catch them the next time around!

Vegas is such a great place! Everything is so larger than life and it is just awesome (except for the pimps standing at every street corner passing out "flyers")! We arrive in Vegas tonight around 8:45pm and should be checked in to Paris by 10pm and then starts a full night of gambling. I plan on walking away a millionaire! HA!

If you need me for the next four days, you can find me playing Craps, at the Blackjack table, or playing Rapid Roulette at NY,NY! Robin, stay close to your phone, I may need an inspirational number!


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