Saturday, October 13, 2012

346 days later...

It's Halloween again...funny how that happens...

I went to Stein Mart the other day, on my lunch break, with a whole $5 on hand, looking for some fall decorations.  (It might have been a better idea to have gone to the dollar store.)  Stein Mart had cute stuff but not much under $5 (I almost settled on an acorn...just one...that was about the size of a golf ball).  However I did find this really cute burlap placemat with a turkey stamped on it.

It was $3.99 so I obviously could only buy one but thought it would be cute framed!  I had an extra 5X7 frame that I thought would be big enough but apparently I have bad judgement.  Mom and I did score a $6 frame at Target today though!

Even with an 8X10 frame, some of the turkey was still cut off, but I think it turned out pretty cute!  I'm not sure if it's too early to decorate with turkeys yet or not!?  Oh well...still an easy project and only cost about $10 (I guess I technically could have bought two acorns...)!

 Zach is hard at work on some outdoor Halloween projects, so I'll try and get those posted soon!  Any other cheap decorations out there I should know about?!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our HOA had a contest this year for the best Halloween decorations, so obviously our goal was to take home 1st place and win the $150 prize!

Well we won second place and got a $50 gift card to! We have already discussed our plan of attack for next year and rest assured we will dominate!

Here are some other decorations we had...mostly thanks to Pinterest!

Friday, October 21, 2011

One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Six Days

...or five years is how long I've been married.  MARRIED!  I know I'm 27 years old and it's very normal for a 27 year old to be married and for five years at that but my goodness!  I do remember that night like it was yesterday.

These last five years have been hands down the best years of my life!  God truly blessed me when he gave me Zach.  I could not imagine being with anyone else and I'm pretty sure no one else would put up with me...ha!

Zach - you are the most amazing man.  I am so proud of you and all of the many things you have accomplished.  You are making all of my dreams come true and I can't wait for the next 45 years! ;)


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just call me Martha!'s been more than two months since I promised I would quickly post pictures of all the updates we've done.  After you read this post and see these pictures, you'll be glad that I'm waiting until I can upload much better pics!

Anyway, about a month or so ago, I was looking on Etsy for some cute clothes, for Adalyn's second birthday party (right...she's two...crazy!?), and I saw this really cute dress made out of, nothing but Amy Butler fabric...for...$45!  Sorry, Addy, I love you and all but wanted to get you more than just a dress for your birthday.  However, right next to the dress for sale was the sewing pattern for the same dress for...$11!  So without giving it any thought, I bought the pattern and some cute Amy Butler fabric.  Once my thoughts caught up with me, I realized that I was attempting to make a dress...for a two year old.  REALLY?!  I mean I adore Martha Stewart but my first name is Lindsey!  I already had a sewing machine (nothing fancy...basically it can sew straight lines...well sorta) and I knew how to thread the needle and change the bobbin so why not?  ...

I followed the pattern step by step but was completely confused at how this was supposed to turn into a dress.  I mean I had to look up what it meant to cut on the fold, what a basting stitch was, how I'm supposed to serge the edges with no was scary!  I do remember there was a point where the directions said to turn the bodice (I only assumed that this was the top of the dress) inside out and it should look like the top of your dress with straps sandwiched between and sure enough it did, which got me excited!  I eventually ended up with this:
However the morning of the party, I still had yet to figure out how to make button holes (so the straps would have something to pull through and make the bow stay in place).  I had to tell Robin that her daughter's birthday present was ruined and I wouldn't be able to attend the party with an unfinished dress - actually I just begged Cindy to add button holes so Addy wouldn't be naked!  The dress was definitely NOT perfect but I think Martha would be proud for my first attempt!

I just finished this dress for Miss Hannah Louise, who is due any day now!  These pictures are terrible (just terrible) but it's the best my crappy iPhone 3 could do!  Yes, iPhone 3...don't judge!
And no...still no button holes...Cindy I may be giving you a call!  I definitely did better gathering and my top stitch is a lot straight (sorry, Addy!).

My next project is making curtains for our bedroom and painting the walls with orange stripes!  I know...Zach is just as excited.  Ha.

-Martha :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It's official...I'm starting the countdown!

We are throwing a baby shower for Zach's sister, Kaylene, this Sunday.  I have literally 4 days and 30 minutes until people show up at our house and it can no longer look like a construction site!  We (along with our parents and my brother) have been working so hard the last 3 months to finish up the major remodeling projects.  I promise to post some pictures soon of the transformation!

And you know I can't have a countdown without my birthday, so we're at 91 days away from the big 27!  (CRAZY!)

We'll be at the Incubus concert in 99 days! (YEA!!)

Halloween is in 131 days...our HOA gives out prizes to homes who are decorated the better believe we are taking home 1st place!

Our family is celebrating 11/11/11 in Vegas so that's only 140 days away (we really will make up any excuse to go to Vegas)!

And of course Christmas is 186 days away.  (Is that not just ridiculous to anyone else??)  I already spotted Christmas ribbon and ornaments at Hobby didn't buy anything...yet!  :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Please excuse this shameful craigslist plug....

Will someone please buy our living room furniture?!  It's in really good condition and is super comfortable!
3-piece living room set
We purchased it from Z Gallerie in 2006.  It's the Linden collection that they still sell today.

pattern up-close
We had the level 4 chenille fabric added.  There is definitely a pattern but it's not outrageous and the color is a neutral green/brown color.

Sofa Dimensions: 92''W x 48''D x 35''H
Back height 31" without back pillows
Chair Dimensions: 52''W x 48''D x 35''H     
We're asking $750/OBO for all three pieces - so if you or someone you know is interested let us know!!


Monday, February 28, 2011


Can't really explain right now...but he's a freaking genius!! and I'm all sorts of crazy in love with him!!

Happy Monday :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's to Twenty Eleven!

It simply amazes me how quickly 2010 flew by.  It literally just feels like yesterday that Zach and I were signing our lives away purchasing our new home.  Now I'm here a year later and am so looking forward to 2011 and everything that it will bring!

Zach and I have lots of plans for this year (sorry - they still don't include having a baby):
I am FINALLY going back to school and am on the fast track to graduate from DBU hopefully by the end of 2012!!  DBU was able to take all of my Northwood hours and since I'm "old" they are also using my work experience towards elective hours.  I'm really excited, pretty nervous, but totally ready!

Zach is wrapping up his rookie year with the Cedar Hill FD.  He really amazes me and I am so proud of him.  He's learned so much this past year and I know he's really looking forward to not having to do "rookie" duties anymore!  ;)

We are making the infamous "lose weight" resolution for 2011.  Our goal is to workout as much as possible and eat at home A LOT more!  I've been terrible about cooking regularly for the past four years (ha), so if you have any simple and healthy recipes, send them my way!

We're also planning to get out of debt by summertime.  We followed the Dave Ramsey plan back in 2008 and paid off all of our debt, and then rewarded ourselves by buying dining room furniture and a king size bed - putting us right back to where we started.  LOL.  We're staying out of debt this time!

Finally, I'm hoping we'll find a church home.  We visited a few churches last year, but didn't really stick with it long enough.  I think we're both past the denomination issue, so if we can just find something that has a little "smoke and lights" for Zach but still a little traditional for me we'll be good!

2010 was a great year - here's to making 2011 even better!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Decorations 2010

Are you ready for a picture overload?  Since I have the BEST husband in all of the world, I just finished editing our photos with iPhoto on my new MacBook Air!  ...uhm yeah...I'm cool!  ENJOY! :)

Garland #1 - Zach said "it's too puny"!

So we took it down...

and hung this.  Much better!
At night...

The pretty side, with trees lit in both windows.

The ugly it weird that I want to buy trees for the garage windows?  :)

The sticks I made Zach hang.  I saw it in a magazine and just had to have it.

Our red/green tree in the living room - maybe I should have stuck to taking pictures standing up!

Have you seen this mesh ribbon?  You HAVE to buy this stuff!  It is seriously so easy to use.

In the dining room - one of the front window Christmas trees.

We hosted the Annual Christmas Party with our closest friends so I was finally able to set our dining table (it's only taken us 2 years)! 
My small collection of firemen nutcrackers...I'm hoping I'll have an entire Christmas tree of firemen next year...well firemen ornaments! :) 
The other front window Christmas tree.  This room is pretty empty right now but will soon be our study.

I loved receiving so many Christmas cards this year!  I might need another card holder next year!
and of course my nativity scene...the reason we celebrate!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're making progress!

The backsplash has been installed and the slate wall is up!  I'm so glad we were able to get these projects finished before our Christmas party last weekend!  We still have a few things left to do until we can cross the kitchen off of our to-do list but we're getting there!  We'd like to have the pantry extended to the ceiling, all sheet rock, texture and painting finished before Christmas.  Hopefully Santa will bring us knobs/handles for our cabinets and then we eventually are going to replace the island and get new floors......and then a new double oven and fridge.  Ok now it doesn't seem like we are anywhere close to finishing the kitchen remodel but as my dad says "It's a marathon not a race..."!

I really wish I had a good before picture!