Saturday, October 13, 2012

346 days later...

It's Halloween again...funny how that happens...

I went to Stein Mart the other day, on my lunch break, with a whole $5 on hand, looking for some fall decorations.  (It might have been a better idea to have gone to the dollar store.)  Stein Mart had cute stuff but not much under $5 (I almost settled on an acorn...just one...that was about the size of a golf ball).  However I did find this really cute burlap placemat with a turkey stamped on it.

It was $3.99 so I obviously could only buy one but thought it would be cute framed!  I had an extra 5X7 frame that I thought would be big enough but apparently I have bad judgement.  Mom and I did score a $6 frame at Target today though!

Even with an 8X10 frame, some of the turkey was still cut off, but I think it turned out pretty cute!  I'm not sure if it's too early to decorate with turkeys yet or not!?  Oh well...still an easy project and only cost about $10 (I guess I technically could have bought two acorns...)!

 Zach is hard at work on some outdoor Halloween projects, so I'll try and get those posted soon!  Any other cheap decorations out there I should know about?!

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