Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here's to Twenty Eleven!

It simply amazes me how quickly 2010 flew by.  It literally just feels like yesterday that Zach and I were signing our lives away purchasing our new home.  Now I'm here a year later and am so looking forward to 2011 and everything that it will bring!

Zach and I have lots of plans for this year (sorry - they still don't include having a baby):
I am FINALLY going back to school and am on the fast track to graduate from DBU hopefully by the end of 2012!!  DBU was able to take all of my Northwood hours and since I'm "old" they are also using my work experience towards elective hours.  I'm really excited, pretty nervous, but totally ready!

Zach is wrapping up his rookie year with the Cedar Hill FD.  He really amazes me and I am so proud of him.  He's learned so much this past year and I know he's really looking forward to not having to do "rookie" duties anymore!  ;)

We are making the infamous "lose weight" resolution for 2011.  Our goal is to workout as much as possible and eat at home A LOT more!  I've been terrible about cooking regularly for the past four years (ha), so if you have any simple and healthy recipes, send them my way!

We're also planning to get out of debt by summertime.  We followed the Dave Ramsey plan back in 2008 and paid off all of our debt, and then rewarded ourselves by buying dining room furniture and a king size bed - putting us right back to where we started.  LOL.  We're staying out of debt this time!

Finally, I'm hoping we'll find a church home.  We visited a few churches last year, but didn't really stick with it long enough.  I think we're both past the denomination issue, so if we can just find something that has a little "smoke and lights" for Zach but still a little traditional for me we'll be good!

2010 was a great year - here's to making 2011 even better!

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