Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Decorations 2010

Are you ready for a picture overload?  Since I have the BEST husband in all of the world, I just finished editing our photos with iPhoto on my new MacBook Air!  ...uhm yeah...I'm cool!  ENJOY! :)

Garland #1 - Zach said "it's too puny"!

So we took it down...

and hung this.  Much better!
At night...

The pretty side, with trees lit in both windows.

The ugly side...is it weird that I want to buy trees for the garage windows?  :)

The sticks I made Zach hang.  I saw it in a magazine and just had to have it.

Our red/green tree in the living room - maybe I should have stuck to taking pictures standing up!

Have you seen this mesh ribbon?  You HAVE to buy this stuff!  It is seriously so easy to use.

In the dining room - one of the front window Christmas trees.

We hosted the Annual Christmas Party with our closest friends so I was finally able to set our dining table (it's only taken us 2 years)! 
My small collection of firemen nutcrackers...I'm hoping I'll have an entire Christmas tree of firemen next year...well firemen ornaments! :) 
The other front window Christmas tree.  This room is pretty empty right now but will soon be our study.

I loved receiving so many Christmas cards this year!  I might need another card holder next year!
and of course my nativity scene...the reason we celebrate!!

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Brianna said...

Oh my goodness!!! Your house and decorations are AMAZING!! This makes me want to decorate for Christmas all over again LOL