Friday, October 21, 2011

One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Six Days

...or five years is how long I've been married.  MARRIED!  I know I'm 27 years old and it's very normal for a 27 year old to be married and for five years at that but my goodness!  I do remember that night like it was yesterday.

These last five years have been hands down the best years of my life!  God truly blessed me when he gave me Zach.  I could not imagine being with anyone else and I'm pretty sure no one else would put up with me...ha!

Zach - you are the most amazing man.  I am so proud of you and all of the many things you have accomplished.  You are making all of my dreams come true and I can't wait for the next 45 years! ;)


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Kim said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kim Ylda