Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It's official...I'm starting the countdown!

We are throwing a baby shower for Zach's sister, Kaylene, this Sunday.  I have literally 4 days and 30 minutes until people show up at our house and it can no longer look like a construction site!  We (along with our parents and my brother) have been working so hard the last 3 months to finish up the major remodeling projects.  I promise to post some pictures soon of the transformation!

And you know I can't have a countdown without my birthday, so we're at 91 days away from the big 27!  (CRAZY!)

We'll be at the Incubus concert in 99 days! (YEA!!)

Halloween is in 131 days...our HOA gives out prizes to homes who are decorated the better believe we are taking home 1st place!

Our family is celebrating 11/11/11 in Vegas so that's only 140 days away (we really will make up any excuse to go to Vegas)!

And of course Christmas is 186 days away.  (Is that not just ridiculous to anyone else??)  I already spotted Christmas ribbon and ornaments at Hobby didn't buy anything...yet!  :)


Julie Brooks said...

I'm DYING to see your house!! Robin has told me all about your remodel.PLEASE post pictures or else I'm going to be knocking on your door!

Jenifer said...

I want to come see you this summer! Its been too long.