Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last year I totally fell off the band wagon and completely gave up half way through Lent...which if you'll remember was probably the first time I've ever given up and not finished my Lent.

Well this year I am taking names, dangit! :) Instead of trying to go all out and not drink anything but water, only have foods that I've grown in my backyard, and workout every waking hour, I've decided to take it back old school. I'm giving up soda and sweet tea! In the "Seider" house you have to get pretty specific about what you're giving up (or taking on) for lent. My mom cracks me year she decided to give up margaritas and started drinking red wine, the next year she gave up margaritas and red wine and started drinking white wine, and so on...

So I am specifically only drinking water, regular tea (can be sweetened with splenda) and orange juice. Any other "good for me" rituals that take place the next 40+ days are strictly counted towards extra credit!

Are you giving anything up?


robineilene said...

I should give up Totinos pizza rolls since I had 25 in one sitting yesterday! My baby is gonna be 16 lbs... I swear!

robineilene said...

I made your infamous wilted salad for dinner tonight! MMMM! :) I was having a serious craving for it!