Friday, March 20, 2009

Ft. Worth Zoo

As most of you know I am not an animal person....I know, I know...and please don't send PETA after me...I do have a heart and feelings...just not for animals.

So I work at a marketing research firm in Arlington and although I am USUALLY not the person begging you to take an interview, I am the person who has outsourced to a company that begs you to take an interview. Well, we haven't been too busy at work lately, so our top dog sold a project and said that DAI employees will conduct the interviews. So Monday, Brittany and I spent about 7 hours out at the Ft. Worth Zoo interviewing, and I'd like for you to know that we are holding on to the "most interviews completed in a day" record!

We had to pack a sack lunch (like an elementary field trip) and ate at these employee picnic tables...which happened to be conveniently located BEHIND THE ELEPHANTS! My Smart One seriously almost tasted like gross. Just adds to my running list of why I do not care for animals!

Anyway I have to go back out Sunday from noon-5, so if you're in Ft. Worth come stop by the zoo and take a survey! I'll have some really cool suckers for your kids! See you there!

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Shanda said...

Hope your having fun at the zoo. I take it by your mentioning of suckers that we didnt get any more incentives. That blows! I was suprised we were able to do so many with nothing half of the day! :(