Thursday, May 14, 2009

Band Nerd :(

So the last few weeks I've gone to my parents neighborhood to walk around their block. The big lap around is just under a mile (but until I start training for a marathon...which is never...I'm calling it a mile)! It's funny because my mom and I would always "walk" and make it a lap and sometimes, if it were 60 degrees or cooler and we didn't have anything else to do, we would walk 2 laps...and by walk I mean stroll. But we enjoyed each other's company and it always sounded better that we "walked 2 miles!"

Lately I've been walking at least 3.5 miles about 3-4 times a week. I'll do a warm-up lap with my mom and then she'll sometimes join me 2 miles later for my cool down, half lap. Well the first day I started this I was so bored just walking by myself and I didn't really keep track of how long it was taking me to do walk a mile. So when I dropped my mom off after the first lap, I'd tell her, "Give me 30 minutes to do 2 laps and then join me for a cool down lap." Apparently I walked really slow because my mom had been waiting on me for like 10 minutes! So the next day I figured I'd walk with an iPod...

I turned the iPod to shuffle and started walking. The first song was "There's Your Trouble" by Dixie Chicks. It had a good beat, made me walk at a good pace and definitely brought back so many memories from HS. Well the next song was by The All-American Rejects and it was an ever faster paced song! My shins started hurting, my heart rate was pumping and I was totally sweating. I mean I knew I was suposed to work out but I couldn't figure out what was going on...that's when it hit me.

I have never claimed to be a band nerd, because I don't play an instrument (besides hot crossed buns on the recorder and chord of L on my guitar) and when I was considered to be "in band" it wasn't nerdy! BUT I did participate in marching band for 3 years in the Colorguard...and so listening to these songs totally made me walk to the beat (you know...left. left. left...) yea...I'm a band nerd! But I've found that the Dixie Chicks, Steve Miller Band, and Lady Antebellum are great bands to listen to if you're trying to keep time while walking!

So there you have it...I'm a nerd!

I walked 4 miles Monday night and even ran some! I was so proud of myself (and yes I double-timed the beat, but no I did not jazz run)!



Shanda said...

This post makes me want to grab my ipod and my trusty walking partner (roxy my dog) and go for a stroll :)

Doug and Kelli said...

Oh, you gotta love the jazz run. That takes me back :)

The Leflett's said...

So cute!! :) I was picturing your walk around that neighborhood. I always wished we lived there so I could have a nice neighborhood to walk in haha.

OH btw, my blog address changed it's:

Keep up the good work girl, you're doing great!