Friday, May 8, 2009

Week 3 Results...

I know, I'm almost a week behind...but I was dreading posting my week 3 results!

So I'm not sure if I mentioned this last time or not but I totally fell off the bandwagon and stopped drinking the shakes. I seriously was taking in like 500 calories a day and gagging every time I tried to swallow the shakes. Not last week I went back to eating our low-carb diet but because I was actually eating again my week 3 results were AWFUL!

I gained 5lbs in one week! I'm sure some of it was water weight, but I was so upset! So I was back down to my overall weight loss of 12.4 pounds. I didn't do any measurements because I was too upset!

Well this week is a-whole-'nother story! I've been eating GREAT all week, taking my vitamins, and even working out for at least an hour about 3 times this far I've already lost the 5 lbs I gained last week plus some!

Since we're doing a little different diet plan this time...Zach and I are weighing in on Saturday mornings...because from noon-midnight on Saturday we can have carbs (in moderation, don't freak out, Casey)!! So I have one more day/night to work off just a few more calories!

I promise soon I'll have a post about something besides my weekly results!

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