Thursday, June 18, 2009


Where has the time gone? It does not seem like its been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Time totally is flying by!

So let's catch up...Week 8 results: -28lbs (YEA!)
Week 9 results: -25lbs (BOO! Too much celebration that continued into the week...)
This Saturday will be Week 10...I've been kicking butt all week and really hope to be down 30lbs! We'll see! BUT! I have officially dropped a size in clothing! My goal is to be down another 2 sizes by the end of summer...

Last night I went to my first Ranger game of the season (GASP...I know...)!! Justin had an extra ticket and even though I was the back-up invite (since Zach had class last night) I still had a great time and we had awesome seats!

It was dollar hot dog night so I drank my 2 bottles of water and watched as Justin created his food baby and was so miserable!
Brandon and Jennifer went too!!! So fun! PLUS, Pudge actually broke the "most games caught" record so that was a really neat experience...although I didn't tear up like Brandon did! HAHA! The game went into an extra inning but the Rangers WON!!
These are phone pics so they aren't the greatest....

I love my friends and I'm so glad Zach had class last night! :)

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