Monday, February 15, 2010

Not to worry...Zach's okay...

but he did fall through our ceiling Friday afternoon!  Since we had record amounts of snowfall on Thursday, our attic vents started to leak on Friday beacuse of all of the melting snow. All day long we heard a constant "thud" in the kitchen.  So Zach, being the great husband that he is, climbed up in the attic and strategically placed pans to catch all the dripping water.  (It should be mentioned that I have a terrible fear of attic latters and floors...I just KNOW that I'll fall through!)  As he was trying to re-adjust one of the pans, his foot got caught and his left leg fell through our ceiling!  He had one leg hanging in the kitchen and the rest of his body was in the's really funny now...but not so much then! 

This is what it looked like as I heard "LINDSEY!!  GET UP HERE!!"

and here's Zach patching his hole (LOL!)

Since these pictures my dad, brother, and Zach repaired the hole and we are now on our 3rd round of mud.  We'll have to retexture the ceiling and needless to say the Open House party that we were planning on having in a couple of weeks has now been post-poned!!


robineilene said...

Oh crap!! HAHAHAHA!

Casey said, "This isn't the first time this has happened!"


Brittany Nelson said...

WHAT?! Postponed!!! I was sooo looking forward to it...BOO :( We all know the story, so you shouldn't postpone just because of that :( hahaha!!

J.B.L said...

Ok time for an update missy....luv ya'