Sunday, March 30, 2008

You are in for a treat...

...that is if you care to see pictures of the house!
It definitely needs some landscaping...but that will have to wait.

Here is our really bid backyard. Also in need of some MAJOR TLC! We're taking out about 2 feet of dirt all the way around and we'll be installing a retaining wall towards the back, a new 8' fence, and hopefully one day a bright shiny pool! The "barn" is going to get a face lift as well!

Two things I need to mention...
1) Please do not judge me because this house is a WRECK!
2) I have come to find out that my really cool camera, can't take a picture in focus :(

In the beginning we did not take enough pictures (I thought I had learned my lesson from Avion) but if you can, squint really hard, this picture is standing in the living room looking into the kitchen. The kitchen has pink linoleum tile and the remnants of old wall paper.

This picture is of the halfway point. I textured all of the walls and painted them green. If you don't like the color, don't tell me!

Then we moved on to the floor. We put down "Peacock" slate from Floor and Decor. It took us a week or so. We just finished grouting and sealing today! Dad is putting in the baseboards tomorrow and the kitchen will be about 99% finished!

This has been a very long weekend. We've been working really hard to finish up a few things before Joey's birthday/Open House party (too bad Zach and I wont be here for it). So I'm just worn out! Tomorrow Zach and I are going to Haverty's to buy our kitchen table (see below) It is a counter height table, that can either square or round! I really love it and I think it will look great in our brand new kitchen!

My bed is calling my name....goodnight :)

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Julie Brooks said...

VERY CUTE!!! I love that green color. I can't wait to see more pictures!! hint.....hint......