Monday, April 14, 2008


So the front of JOEY's house :) is need of some major love! I am the type of person to rip everything out and start completely over...Joey (and my mom) on the other hand like to THINK they can trim and replant to salvage these terrible, over grown tree-like bushes.

So, Saturday Joey and I were pulling out holly bushes and I "trimmed" a few bushes (so there would be nothing left, so we would HAVE to take them out). The house still pretty much looks like the front from the previous post.

Well, in an attempt to improve my PhotoShop skills and to convince Joey that starting over is the best thing to do, Zach and I came up with this as what the front of our house COULD look like.

Pretty cool huh? I took basically the picture below and took out some trees and planted pretty plants! The next time you see Joey, tell him how awesome the front would look if he just listened to me!!



Julie Brooks said...

Tell Joey.........TAKE YOUR ADVICE!!!! Plant the new stuff!! :)

robineilene said...

That's awesome!! I totally looked at the picture before I read the post, and I was like OH MY GOSH! Zach and Lindsey can do EVERYTHING! :) I'll be sure to tell Joey! ;)

robineilene said...

Lindsey, did you fall off the face of the Earth? C' gotta have SOMETHING to blog about! :)