Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This is so Robin has something to read since Casey went to bed 2 hours ago...

I know, I know it has been way too long...going on almost 3 months of no blogging! I'm a big fan of blogging but just really need to stick to a schedule! So for this week I WILL blog every night at 10:30pm! However, we'll be in Galveston Thursday through Sunday, so I WILL blog tonight and tomorrow...ha!

I'm watching Designed to Sell. Not my favorite show and tonight's no different. They are totally screwing up this person's house! There's no way I'd buy it...changing channel...What Not to Wear!! Love this :)

The last few months have been so freaking busy! We had a wedding in May, a wedding in June (both showed a Bridal and/or Love Story at the reception, so we had to get those videos ready before the weddings). We have our first destination wedding this weekend in Galveston! Totally excited...July 4th is my favorite Holiday! First of all it is special to Zach and I (we held hands for the first time July 4, 2003...everyone now: "aww") and B. I freakin LOVE fireworks! Even though it is just Galveston, Zach has never seen "ocean" water and sand together at the same time, so it should be fun! We'll be traveling to the LBK at the end of July for another wedding...busy busy!

My brother just got here...he's staying the night...and he just slapped my arm. BRAT! Anyway, he's staying the night because he thinks his Green Hollow bed is hurting his back so he's trying out his Willow Spring bed. We'll see. He's now complaining that I am watching TLC and blogging. HA!

Alright that was fun, yes? We'll see what tomorrow will bring.

I was going to put a picture from Vegas on here, but all I have are my mom's pics from Scotland/Ireland...so this will have to do:

Goodnight to all!

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robineilene said...

I love this! :) It made me smile! You're the best Lin! I love you!!