Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Night two...

I totally almost forgot about this! Pretty pathetic as it is only the second day of my two day "I'm going to blog" attitude!

I'm in my craft room (I worked from home this afternoon, so I set up the laptop in here in hopes of cleaning up this room...needless to say that didn't happen) anyway, I'm in my craft room looking at a disaster in our bedroom. I've done about 3 loads of laundry today, that is actually folded for once (I love doing laundry, but I HATE to fold and/or hang up) but is laying all over our bed. I need to pack for our Galveston Getaway, that's on the agenda after I blog and check work emails!

Zach and I rented a car to take us to Galveston. I have been BEGGING for a new car going on (how long have we been married....) 1 1/2 years now. Zach's theory is that I need to be broken down on the side of the road at 3:00am in the morning 10 times before we buy a new car. Well I don't ever drive at 3:00am in the morning, let alone by myself, so I think the Honda will be with me for quite sometime :( Anyway, I've been begging for an Infiniti FX35 and I was hoping I would be able to find a Hertz or something that rents them...well the one at the airport does, but it was going to cost some ungodly amount like close to $1,000 bucks for the 4 days that we need the car. Anyway, so we settled on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Zach picks the car up at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon then we're on our way to Galveston.

We are coming back on Sunday and I think I am going with my family to Shreveport on Monday for my dad's birthday. Last year all of us (and Casey and Robin) were in Vegas for his birthday (07-07-07) Shreveport is the next best thing. We'll be in Vegas in November for JPs 21st birthday. I cannot freaking believe JP will be 21. First of all that means that I'm going to be 24 in a couple of months which is almost 25, which is 1/4 of a century and almost 30...and second of all he's my baby brother. It really amazes me how fast time goes by the older you get. I remember counting down the days to my birthday and thinking that 45 days was so far that's just 6 Fridays away or 3 pay checks away. Growing up is totally not what I thought it was going to be at all. Don't get me wrong, I am really enjoying life but it is just so different than what I thought.

Instead of cleaning my bedroom or packing, I went and got my nails and toes done. For those of you who don't know (that makes me laugh cause really Robin is the only one who reads this and she knows but...) I shaved a small portion of my nail off the other night. So I have this gimp ring finger and the very nice asian lady decided she was going to remove the clear nail polish, file it, remove its cuticle, and paint it like there was an actual nail there! Let me just say that it is still throbbing from the unbearable pain and looks completely ridiculous! But I can never say "OUCH....STOP DOING THAT..." I just sit there and smile, while tears roll down my face and I still give way too much of a tip!

Ok I deserve a medal or something...this is probably the long blog ever! I'm a pro already...haha. I more than likely wont blog until Sunday, but I will be sure and take lots of pictures!

I hope you have a great 4th of July! Enjoy the great fireworks and be thankful for our freedom!

Here's another random picture from Ireland or Scotland....the gazillion white letters on the building is the actual name of the city and underneath it in black letters, is what all of those letters mean in English. Crazy!


Joy said...

is it a bit stalkerish that I constantly check this thing and love love love reading it? if so, I don't care! :)

have fun in Galveston, I love you!!

robineilene said...

It hurts just to read about your finger! ouch! I can't believe we were getting ready to leave for vegas this time last year! ahhh! Remind me to tell you about my one crazy thing I want to do in my lifetime! :) I'm pretty sure you will jump aboard!

Julie Brooks said...

I have a new blog address. It's now
Hope you are doing good. Robin gave me the link to Z&L and I spent all evening watching Zach's videos. YALL ARE AWESOME!!!!