Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday, Old Man!

Zach's dad turned 50 on Sunday and we celebrated his birthday at the Ranger game in a suite that Zach's Great Uncle owns.
Kaylene set up the party and did a great job. We had food catered and over the hill decorations everywhere! Garrett and Hayden (our nephews) kept yelling for the "horse" and asked "where's the horse, where's the horse" when they couldn't see him. Kaylene had arranged for the "horse" come to the suite during the 3rd inning and the boys completely freaked out! Garrett warmed up to him, but Hayden was in tears and screaming the entire time! The second the "horse" left he was fine! So funny....

We really had a great time and are so happy to celebrate such a great milestone for Joe. We hope the next 50 years are even better! We love you :)

The Rangers played a great game against the Toronto Blue Jays and won 8-4!!

When Zach and I grow up and are rich and famous, we will totally own a suite at the Ballpark! I think the plan is to go in with Robin and Casey...right? The "King Chapps" Suite? :)


robineilene said...

I'm so jealous yall got to sit in the suite again! You're right though...someday we'll have our own! We're hoping you guys go on TV and get famous so that maybe we can get a bit of a hookup? :)

Karen said...

Your a hoot. I got your blog from Robin's. :)

~ Karen Gaskill