Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still waiting...

We think 8/18 is the day that we are supposed to be waiting we sit here watching the Olympics in awe of all of the US athletes and their unbelievable bodies and abilities, oh and Zach is eating pringles....Please, oh please, pick us!!

Not much has been going on the last few days. Zach has been working a lot and is at EMT class every Tuesday and Thursday nights. I'm heading to Mt. Pleasant this weekend with my mom and brother to see my Mammaw, since I hopefully wont see her until Christmas! :) Isn't that weird to say...but oh I hope it's true!

What was that? You want to see more pictures...OK :)

Little Zachary playing soccer...age 5

Little Lindsey peeing (who does that)...age 4ish?

Zach looking good for the ski bunnies...pahahaha!

Brandon and me at Joey Stabile's wedding...don't we look so cute! I still have that "cherry dress" and I WILL fit in it day!

Zach playing in One Less Day...these were the days that we could not stand each other...amazing what 6 years will do to you! :)

Jon-Paul and me at the circus in 2003...look at all of JP's hair!

The day I left for College Station...who knew I'd be home almost every weekend and get engaged 6 months later!

Time for bed...

I know it's only Thursday but have a great weekend...and to all of you teachers, have a great LAST weekend of summer; welcome back to the workforce! :) you all!


Doug and Kelli said...

I loved taking a stroll down memory lane with all those great pictures!!!
Hope things are great on your end and I'll be keeping up with you through the blog. Mom and Dad have one too, just find the link on my page. Love ya!!!

Julie Brooks said...

They have to pick yall! That would be so AWESOME!!! :)

robineilene said...

I'm pretty sure we are on pins and needles about as much as you guys are! This suspense... ahhh! We love you SOOOOOOOOO much!