Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tonight isn't as cold as it was two years ago...

Today is mine and Zach's second anniversary! Seven hundred and thirty one days ago Zach and I vowed before God, our family and friends to love, support, and comfort each other. I've held up my end of the deal pretty well; Zach just needs to buy me a car to live up to his! :) Seriously though it has been quite an amazing two years (and they've gone by so fast)!

I really couldn't imagine living with anyone else (Joey doesn't count...), I couldn't imagine sharing my bed with anyone else (except for JOY), I couldn't imagine paying my bills and saving for the future with anyone else (thanks, Dave Ramsey), and I couldn't imagine loving anyone else for the rest of my life! Words really cannot express how lucky I am to be married to Zach Stewart (and yes it is still weird to say that I am married to Zach Stewart).

The first anniversary is traditionally the paper anniversary, so we bought TICKETS to see Incubus!! This year is cotton and since Zach is at EMT school (STILL...and its 11:22pm) we are heading out to Northpark tomorrow to buy some "cotton" (not sure what we'll come up with). Next year is leather...so I'm holding out for LEATHER SEATS inside of a brand new car! HA!

I love you Zachary Stewart...for at least another 48 years! :)

"I don't mind if you monopolize all of my time..."


Joy said...

it's funny that I was thinking it wasn't as cold as it was two years ago either :)

I miss sharing a bed with you, kick Zach out for a night and let's have a girls night. I have lots to share.


Karen said...

I'm pretty sure they make cotton seat covers for a new car too. ; )

mommajean said...

Glad you updated!!! Happy anniversary! Juan always followed the anniversary gift rules, too! Hold out for the leather car seats...or leather couch...or leather Kate Spade purse... :)

Brianna said...

CONGRATS on the anniversary!!! I need to look up the "anniversary gift rules"... maybe I've been missing out lol! :)

I like your new background too!!