Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye 2008...

...and Hello 2009!

I cannot believe it is already the 5th day of January. It seriously seems like we just finished opening presents! So crazy how time flies!

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! Zach and I totally loaded up this year...so, so blessed! We had about 10 different Christmases and it was great! It started out with Zach's rich Great Aunt and Uncle and all of the cousins. Then on Christmas Eve's Eve mom and JP went and picked up Mammaw (since she was spending Christmas with us) and that night we had Christmas with Joey. I had to work Christmas Eve but we were sent home around 2:00pm. Zach and I finished up some last minute Christmas shopping (this is probably one of the first times I have been in GP on Christmas Eve...it was pretty weird...) and then headed to his parents house to have Christmas with them. Christmas morning we got up at our own house (again pretty weird...since we are usually in Mt. Pleasant...miss you guys!) saw that Santa Davis visited Zach and I and then we headed to my parents house and had a yummy breakfast with Mammaw and Grandma. After breakfast Santa came and then we opened up presents. We headed back to Zach's parents house to have Christmas with his aunts/uncles/cousins. Then headed back to my parents house to have Christmas dinner. We really had a great time and were so busy Christmas Day, but I so missed all of my aunts/uncles and cousins! I really hope we can find a time next year that we can all get together...it just wasn't the same. I couldn't even imagine what Christmas would be like if Mammaw didn't stay with us!

We hit up some shopping on the day after Christmas and took Tina and Brie to the airport. We got a call from Rob and Kathi Friday night to let us know that they are coming to stay with us a couple of days! (I hadn't seen them since Rob married Zach and I, over 2 years ago!) Saturday the 26th my mom took Mammaw and I to get pedicures and that was really a lot of fun, but then we had to say goodbye to Mammaw. Rob and Kathi stayed with mom and dad until Monday. It was so great to hang out with them; they are such awesome friends.

I worked a couple of days last week (yes, even New Year's Eve) but had New Year's Day and the day after off. The newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Brittany Nelson, had a New Year's Eve party which was so much fun! Adam and Brit "created" a game called "Drunk-Opoly" and I think I had an entire bottle of champagne within the 2 hours we played the game! Good thing Zach and was DD because I sure did have a great time! :)

I decided that we needed to have a Yard Sale THIS SATURDAY, so we've been cleaning out closets in multiple homes (since I moved to a 500 sq. ft. apartment I didn't really move everything out of my parents house) over the past few days. Zach and Joey think I'm crazy, but if we don't ever set a date we'll just keep collecting this stuff and never get rid of it! So if you're in GP this Saturday (only) drop by the Willow Spring house and see if you want some of our crap! HAHA! We have about 4 different families bringing stuff over, so it might not be all crap. :)

Here's to 2009!!

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