Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My own Biggest Loser Season 7

So I watched the finale last night (twice...) of the Biggest Loser season 6 and thank God Michelle won! Seriously, I would have had some issues if Vicki walked away a winner. However, I did almost start cheering when she almost fell down. (Gotta love that Christmas spirit!) :)

Anyway, so towards the end of the show, NBC gave a teaser about season 7 (which would have been the season that Zach and I would have been on). We were told there would be 15 couples, but they only chose 11 (which bummed be out) and Z and I totally look cuter than anyone on there (which bummed me out) but judging by the looks of it this is their HEAVIEST group yet.

Season 7 airs January 6th and Z & I have decided that we'll start weighing in with them every Tuesday night also. So I'm seriously thinking about posting our BL7 progress on here...fat pictures and all. (Ok, I just said I'm thinking about it...) There is no turning back though and we have to STOP making excuses! Z is in paramedic school through September and will be ready to test for different departments in October, so he's got to get in shape! I on the other hand am just not myself AT ALL! I don't ever want to go out anywhere with anyone and do anything...which is totally not me! BUT, if I do show all of you the number on the scale and the pictures behind the scenes, I wont be able to see any one of you until all the weight is off...HAHA!

I'm determined and will not let another year go by!


Karen said...

What a fun/scary idea. I need to do my own version of this with Milo. I have gained 40lbs with this pregnancy, not to mention the 20lbs I gained after my miscariage. Milo has gained some weight with me during this pregnancy (because of all my late night cravings). We are starting a diet as soon as Miss Blakely is born... which could be any day now.

J.B.L said...

I am too chicken to do it but you go girl I hope you stay motivated! Its really hard but its so worth it!

robineilene said...

You can do it Lindsey!! I can hook you up with a trainer too if you need one! :) What a great idea!