Sunday, August 9, 2009

Let the countdown begin!!

It's already week two of August, so we all know what that means?!?! Let the birthday countdown begin!! As of today, there are 43 days until my 25th birthday!! It's really crazy to think that I'll be 25...we're getting old y'all!

Well keeping with countdowns...I've been on a diet (first the shake diet and since low-carb and working out) for the last 118 days (or close to 4 months) and I've officially lost a total of 36 pounds and just about 2 dress sizes! My goal for the next 43 days is to lose another 14 pounds for a total of 50 pounds. That's totally "do-able" I just have to keep on track and not maintain (which is what I did for just about all of July)!

Ever since JP was a freshman in high school (2003) I have made Homecoming mums/garters. I know this sounds so corny but I have so much fun making them...and if I get really into it I can make some extra money...and with Zach going through Paramedic school and having to work part time that extra money is sooo wonderful!! Well since GPISD or the football coaches or whoever sets the Homecoming schedule, has decided that Homecoming should be two and a half weeks after school starts, I have exactly 33 days...crazy!!! This is the flyer that Zach and I designed (with the help of Karen Davis...THANK YOU)!!!
Speaking of Zach and JP...they are both nearing the end of Paramedic School...can I get a Hallelujah!!! For the entire month of August they are on rotation with Dallas FD and will graduate in 41 days!!!! I am so, so, so proud of them!!!! (No I'm never going to be a teacher...)

Lots to look forward to in September! By the way...Christmas is only 138 days away!!!!


robineilene said...

Heck, while we're at it...only 6 months and 43 days until my 25th birthday! ;)

I'm so proud that you've lost 36 pounds! You have some serious dedication that I need to rub off on me so that I can lose this baby weight!

Doug and Kelli said...

You know how much I love a good countdown!!!! Congrats on your hard work. I am sooo proud of you :)