Friday, June 18, 2010

What were we thinking??

Ok so our front yard looked pretty much like this (with the exception of a few different kinds of grass and quite a few weeds):

Since re-sodding the yard wasn't an option (due to budgetary cutbacks), Zach decided that we were going to re-seed the yard with Bermuda grass.  My husband is quite the "researcher" and found that we first needed to kill off all of our grass/weed mixture (we used Round Up concentrated) and then "de-thatch" our yard (please do not ask me to explain this...all I know is that we spent about $50 on a machine rental to completely DESTROY our front yard).
(Do you see our neighbors green grass...OMG...ours is BROWN!)
We then had to rake all of our "clippings" - we ended up with about 15 trash bags full!
After all day of raking and bagging we (really Zach) spread out the Bermuda seed
and with an ungodly amount of water we finally have little sprouts of Bermuda! (Can you see them?  You may have to squint or pull out a magnifying glass!)
I really hope that next Spring this will be all worth it!

*By the way...I HATE how blogger puts my pictures and text completely different than how I type them out...soooo frustrating!!!*

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