Monday, February 18, 2008

Busy Weekend

I am so worn out this morning! We have been working so hard to finish up the house so Zach and I can start moving in this week. We were able to finish painting the living room and the dining room last night, and the kitchen is 90% finished (good enough to move in). The plan today is to finish our bedroom, and start moving some of our stuff over!!! I will be so happy when everything is at ONE home (not three)!! *I'll post pictures up tomorrow*

In other news, my mammaw (mom's mom) has pneumonia and freaking emphysema! She has never smoked in her life, but lived with people who did. I am just so upset about this, almost like it is not fair! I know that sounds like a 2 year old throwing a fit, but she should not be "punished" for other people's bad habits! She will be 78 on March 1st.

Zach and I had a wedding this past weekend at FUMC Grand Prairie. The reception was at the Ruthe Jackson Center. The bride and groom were so nice and such great people to work with!

I guess that is all that really happened over the weekend. The next 5 weeks are full of Bridals, a trip to Austin, a trip to Canton/Tyler, and of course moving and more house work, so we will be busy in the coming weeks. For all who read this, have a great day!!

L :)

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