Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am totally slacking! I was hoping to get some pictures up of the new house, but I would need to have a charged camera, the cord that plugs it in to the computer, a computer that is up and running, and time. Right now, I don't have any of the mentioned! Moving is so stressful!!

In order for us to get our money back from our apartment, we either had to find somebody to move in as is, or repaint everything that same light beige we found Erick! But, the management at Avion is terrible and doesn't remember our agreement, and the actually manager is out of town until Monday (March 3rd). We have to sign out of apartment by March 1, so we paint. BOO!!!

The new house is in such disarray. We are living out of boxes, still no groceries (but we do have a cleaned fridge), and unfinished projects everywhere! With busy weekends ahead, I'm not sure when we're going to finish. My department at work surprised me with some embroidered towels and a $50 gift certificate to Pier 1! How sweet is that? I work with some really great people!

My mammaw is home from the hospital. She is over her pneumonia, but the doctors found out she had a really terrible bacterial infection in and around her lungs. She had to stay in the hospital over the weekend as she was on some heavy antibiotics to kill the bacteria. She is home now, and hopefully doing better. My mom and I are going to Canton this weekend and then to see her in MP for her birthday. Busy busy...and I really shouldn't complain.

Ok, I really hope to get some pictures up here soon. Take care.

L :)

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